St Andrew’s Media Club

For many years now St Andrew’s Junior School has had a strong presence online via the school website and this has been enhanced by the school media club making quality digital media in the form of radio and digital video.

The image below illustrates how to view the school digital video news from the school website.  You can also click on the image and it will take you start to the page.

tv link2

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Dinosaur Comic

In year 5 class Germany and France they have been doing a dinosaur comic strip.It has music,writing and obviously awesome dinosaur pictures! in it. Some sounds like dinosaur footsteps have been added to the comics and Pterodactyls screams.

Every Wednesday year 5 open, edit and add to their dinosaur stories. Everyone gets very excited before these lessons. Mr Dix helps all the children to improve their stories do they don’t need to worry about what they have to do. He also makes a picture if somebody needs a special picture to add to their stories.

At the end when all the stories are complete we will be able to view them in the classroom and we can’t wait for this.
All thanks to Mr Dix as year 5 have had the best time ever.

Blogster – Ethan

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Shadow Puppets

In year 5, class Germany and class France have been learning about shadow puppets.
We first made the puppets out of cardboard. Soon after we put our kebab sticks onto them and stuck them on. Miss Haley then got a wooden box and put fabric over it. Finally we got lights from Mr Dix and we turned the classroom lights off and performed our action packed plays!!! Year 5 suggest you look at our plays and enjoy them :).
Blogster Rohan

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Photo Story 3

Year 5 have been working in the ICT suite over the last fews weeks. They have had lots of fun using a piece of software called Photo Story 3. They created dinosaur stories. Ethan volunteered to take a photo and Mr Dix edited a dinosaur onto the picture. After making the film we put in text, sound effects, transitions and our own speech. the first to finish were Imogen, Jamelia and Lucy. All year 5 have enjoyed this fun subject with Mr Dix and can’t wait until they get to learn about Scratch. Scratch is another fun application we can use in ICT.

Lucy Class Germany



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School Council – Prayer Competition

On 4th of April school councillors voted for our prayer winners, there were some excellent entries but a few sadly were disqualified as they had no name. We chose two winners from each class; however some classes did not do any entries, so there will be no winners from these classes. The winners will be announced on Friday the 13th April at golden book assembly and they will be awarded a St Andrews competition pen.


School Council Bloggers


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Year 5 Walking with Dinosaurs and Shadow Puppets

Class Germany have been making short films about a boy who visits a museum. They have been using a programme called PhotoStory to add text, images and audio.

IMG_0097 IMG_0099

Next week the children will be giving positive critique on both their own video and those of their classmates. Who will win the Oscar for best Dinosaur movie?









Class France wrote some exciting dinosaur stories in literacy. They then created a slideshow with the program Photo Story in ICT. For homework they made some shadow puppets as part of their light work in science and wrote a short script to accompany it. Finally they filmed the puppet show and took photographs in front and behind the scenes.

IMG_0046 IMG_0057 IMG_0059 IMG_0061 IMG_0079



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Year 3 trip to Jorvik

We came into school very excited about going to visit Jorvik Viking museum. The coach journey took about an hour and we played games like rock, paper and scissors.

When we arrived we went into the digging area and found lots of bones which had been stuck in the ground, they had been there a very long time. We looked at materials in trays like animal bones.

102_0294 102_0293 102_0292 102_0297 102_0298 102_0299 102_0300 102_0301 102_0306 102_0305
After we had lunch we went to the main museum and saw the blacksmiths house. We also saw a Viking toilet, which was very exciting.

102_0310 102_0316


In the afternoon we went on a floating car that took us on a journey through a Viking village. It was dark and smelly and we saw Viking people who were talking in a strange language. Once we had left the floating car we looked at some Viking artefact’s in glass cases and we saw some Viking pooh.

The trip was exciting and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Blogster’s –   Maia & Jack

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St Andrews Family disco

St Andrews Junior School is having a Family disco after years of having normal discos. On Friday 7th of March 7.00pm – 9.00pm (£1.50 per ticket.) The deadline was on Wednesday 19th of February for tickets. There will be sweets, food and drinks. Please come and support our school.

By BlogsterScott  😛

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World Book Day Friday 7th March

World book day is on Thursday but our school is holding it on Friday and so is the Infant school. The school has given out a £1 gift voucher to every child so that they could either buy a £1 book or it could go towards a more expensive book. We will be coming down into the hall a class at a time to look and decide what books we might like to buy or save up for.

On Friday if you want you can come to school dressed up as your favorite character, bring your favorite book, or draw and make a book cover and blurb for a World Book Day competition.

After school you may come with your children to buy any book you want or your child wants. They are £1 and above, hopefully we will have a lot of visitors to raise a lot of money for world book day. We hope to see your children having fun with their reading and becoming absolutely brilliant readers.

Blogster- Luke


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Year 6 S.P.O.O.C.S

This week Year 6 have been put into groups of four to write an equipment list for Spooks. Spooks are a company that goes to old houses and castles to stop ghosts from causing mayhem.

S.P.O.O.C.S are recently working at Tudor house in London, Year Six has been asked to work for spooks but they might not go to London. They will probably go somewhere local.

Year Six is having lots of fun in their groups writing their equipment list and getting ready for what’s coming.




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