Y6 New PPA

Year 6 have stopped learning with iPads and Street dance in Junior Jam and are now concentrating on Guitars with Mr Clyse and Sport with Jamie who has taught us before. In Guitars Year 6 will be doing songs and chords whilst in sport we will be doing such things as passing games and sports. Also PPA is now on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.

In Guitars we are learning about chords such as the E Chord.  We team up in partners and share the guitar playing the different chords. In Sports we played a few games before doing a game of Piggy in the Middle and then we played an outside game of Bench Ball. We will be doing lots more sports this half term.

Blogster: Joshua

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Space blog

On Friday the 22nd November I jumped into the space shuttle to blast off to the rocky moon. We, who had the space suits on, were going on the moon first while the others stayed in the shuttle.

When we got into the moon I stayed in the shuttle, hoping the others wouldn’t die. Some of us in the shuttle were watching the others, while I was piloting the ship around the moon.

It was time for them to come into the shuttle. Callum asked if it was time for lunch. James replied,

“Yes and after it`s our turn to go onto the moon.” We all reached over to get our lunch from the locker.

After lunch we got all our gear on to set foot on the moon. Callum took over piloting the shuttle.

By Flynn

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My space blog

On Friday 22nd of November in the star centre, I suited up in my astronaut suit and curiously entered the airtight space shuttle.

When we finally arrived in space I entered the space lab. In the space you needed to do this quiz to test if you really were an astronaut. After you finished that you did this mission to find as much out about the earth, sun and moon. Sadly we were drawing closer to the end of our marvellous adventure. So we entered the robot lab.

Inside the robot lab there really wasn’t much there, all there was were a few prototype robots hooked up to computers. It also had a huge glass pane overlooking the rocky surface of the moon next to the big glass round table.

Moving on to where the real mission begun. We sprinted out of the airlock then on to the rocky terrain of the moon. We had been told there were a few critters interfering with the mechanics. So we {slowly} trotted around the moon BOUNCING and BANGING as we go. we hunted down the critters and captured them for scientific research, so as we captured the critters the scientists sent the info back to earth to be received by mission control.

After we’d captured the critters scientists from the robot lab kept a few of the critters to analysis and keep info then release them back onto the moon. Then we cautiously but filled with glory we entered the airtight shuttle yet again. When we returned to earth we were superstars it was all over the news first kids on the moon . we were getting interviews every day BBC news we even got to travel to America to go to there biggest ground control and went inside an even bigger rocket. When it finally all blew over, we still had people wanting are autograph or a picture with the famous kids as we were called. Eventually after at least 1 year we went back to the station that sent us to the station, to thank them for everything they did for us and also gave them a few thank you presents.

Now we are thinking of going back to the moon’s surface just for one last visit and thank the scientists for there hospitality. Hopefully.

By liam

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Space Centre 2014

DSCF0565 DSCF0569 DSCF0579 DSCF0584

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My Space blog

On Friday on the 22nd of November 2013 the amazing but scared class France blasted off to space. As soon as they put their feet in the claustrophobic rocket, they were screaming their heads off! We went to the Star Centre in Keighley College .We had two people to show us around. Before we set of we were put into two groups, one was called Zecrom 5, which was Mrs Cotterill’s group and then we had Mrs Smith’s group space stars. We all jumped into our space rockets and blasted off to the moon…

As soon as we got on the moon (that’s not made of cheese) the space stars had to find aliens, moon rocks and even some normal rocks. I felt like a banana all squashed up in a space suit!

We ate our food normally but just had to hold it in a different technique so it didn’t just fly off . When we slept we had to strap ourselves into our beds.

We started to go back to Earth. It took us 3 days to get there and back. Phew we survived!


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3 2 1 Blast off

On Friday 23rd of November the class jumped into the space rocket. I felt nervous, curious and claustrophobic because it was a big squash. We were going to be the first children in space ,bearing in mind that anything could go wrong. After we put our shiny space suits on we all shouted

3,2,1 BLAST OFF!”

Suddenly there was a massive bang and we got blasted into space.

Just then we all started floating around because there wasn’t much gravity.

“This is cool,” Olivia shouted out when she was upside down. On the first day, we were all floating around looking at places. I didn’t want to go to the toilet, because I didn’t like the look of it. I didn’t like the look of most of the foods but I just ate the foods like fruit and bread that didn’t have anything to go with. I didn’t like sleeping because it was really uncomfy.

When we landed on the moon, everyone was murmuring and putting their space suits on. Then Mrs Cotterill opened the door and you could tell everyone was getting worried. All of us excitedly leaped on the massive moon. Then some other children and I put the flag down.

“Look  there’s an alien,” Charlotte pointed out. Everyone started whispering. Then we all started looking and it turned out that it was nothing. But was it nothing? Ellie suggested that we should pick up moon rocks to take home so when we get home scientists could analyse them. All of us thought it was a great idea. We searched for interesting things. Next we got a call saying that if we didn’t get back in the rocket we would hit the asteroid shower. We clambered into the space rocket and went back to Earth.


We landed back on Earth .People started crowding round asking questions.

By Rachel

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Space Centre 2014

DSCF0636 DSCF0640 DSCF0648 DSCF0659

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My space blog

On Friday the 22nd  November, I leaped  into the rocket and with my space suit on, I went on the rocky surface. We were going to the moon because we had been chosen to be the first children on the moon. We saw Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We went to the International Space Station and watched people go through the rocket.

At twelve o’clock we had a picnic lunch type of thing, then we lined up to go in the space shuttle to go to the space station. When we finished at the space station, we went to the space shuttle to go to the moon and collect little aliens and put them in a pot.

I said “One small step for kid but one massive  leap for kidkind” When we finished finding the little aliens we drove a robot round in a number eight. I didn’t do it at all. We also listened to music on the way back to Earth.

I was very nervous on the way back to Earth and also excited to see my family back at home. We would sit and watch a bit of TV and look at Earth. We would look at different planets across the solar system. We would fly through the rocket to have fun. We also took one hour forty-five minutes to get back to Earth. I was very anxious, also a bit excited.


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Ellie’s space adventure

On Friday the 22nd of November, feeling curious and scared, I jumped into the shiny metallic space shuttle ready to blast off to the moon.

I was sat there in my space suit, squashed up against everyone. I was feeling very claustrophobic. There were lots of us; it was hot and uncomfy. It was still hard to believe that we were going to be the first children in space. Looking out of the window I saw stars, comets and planets floating by, like when people have food fights and the food goes shooting all over. I felt so scared, but also quite confident, after all we had had so much tiring training before going. I COULDN’T WAIT TO GET THERE!!!

Finally after exactly 9hours, 12 minutes and 46 seconds we were there. We had reached the moon! Immediately everyone started shouting and screaming. Rachel, my best friend, asked me if I was excited. Next it was announced that we would stay inside the shuttle for lunch then get out. Then everyone wondered what we would have for lunch.

At lunchtime we had very small, flat sandwiches in tubes, we couldn’t eat normal food as it would float away because there isn’t as much gravity on the moon. Next our instructor said that we would go onto the moon. We all lined up at the door, floating about because of no gravity.

As I stepped out of the shuttle I felt really strange and weird but excited all the same. BOUNCE, BOING, BANG!!! I tripped on a moon rock. We were allowed to find a rock each to take home. I chose a shiny, blue one.

After we could explore for an hour to find aliens; they were squashy and weird. I knew I wouldn’t want to leave.

I didn’t want to leave at all and wished I could stay longer but knew I had to get back to Earth, so I took one more look at the rocky, white moon and stepped back into the shuttle. At 8pm the following Wednesday we arrived back home. Many people watched us so I felt we were superstars. “That was so cool” Rachel told me, beaming. I know she wanted to go back just like me.

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Space blogs

Star Centre trip!

On Friday the 22nd November Class France went to the Star Centre in a college at Keighley. We went there by coach; it took about half an hour to get there. We were led by Mrs Cotterill to go inside the college to get to the Star Centre.

We were met by someone called Bernard and a lady called Becky. First we watched a presentation all about stars, milky ways and galaxies.

Then we went in different groups to go to different activities. My group was called Space Stars.

We did different activities then it came to my favourite one. It was the one where you got to get your own spacesuits on and go to the moon. So with my spacesuit on ready to go, we clambered into the rocket that was ready to go to the moon.

It took about 1 day to go to the moon but we got there in the end. On the moon we had to get some alien pickers and pick the aliens up because if you didn’t then they would be crawling all over you whilst you’re trying to find artefacts. So we set off with that. I found about 20 aliens. There were lots and lots to collect. It was time to go back on the rocket to go back to the Star Centre on Earth.

When we got back we had to take our space suits off. But luckily there were robots ready for us to play with.

You had to move the robot to collect the spaceman up and to keep hold of it. We did that whilst Zecron five went to the moon. Then when they came back it was time to go back to St Andrews. We were the first children on the moon.



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