World Book Day Friday 7th March

World book day is on Thursday but our school is holding it on Friday and so is the Infant school. The school has given out a £1 gift voucher to every child so that they could either buy a £1 book or it could go towards a more expensive book. We will be coming down into the hall a class at a time to look and decide what books we might like to buy or save up for.

On Friday if you want you can come to school dressed up as your favorite character, bring your favorite book, or draw and make a book cover and blurb for a World Book Day competition.

After school you may come with your children to buy any book you want or your child wants. They are £1 and above, hopefully we will have a lot of visitors to raise a lot of money for world book day. We hope to see your children having fun with their reading and becoming absolutely brilliant readers.

Blogster- Luke


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