Year 3 trip to Jorvik

We came into school very excited about going to visit Jorvik Viking museum. The coach journey took about an hour and we played games like rock, paper and scissors.

When we arrived we went into the digging area and found lots of bones which had been stuck in the ground, they had been there a very long time. We looked at materials in trays like animal bones.

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After we had lunch we went to the main museum and saw the blacksmiths house. We also saw a Viking toilet, which was very exciting.

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In the afternoon we went on a floating car that took us on a journey through a Viking village. It was dark and smelly and we saw Viking people who were talking in a strange language. Once we had left the floating car we looked at some Viking artefact’s in glass cases and we saw some Viking pooh.

The trip was exciting and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Blogster’s –   Maia & Jack

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